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WIN: A Copy of Keltie Knight's New Book!

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight 18 hrs ago

I'm so happy that my new book, written with Christipher Gutierrez is available now! It's called "The Imperfections of James and Kate" and it's an ALMOST true love story. I think you will see many little flashes of me throughout the book. 

Anyways, to celebrate, I wanted to give a few authographed copies away to you guys for free. I'm doing a little booknerd giveaway on my INSTAGRAM right now! So head on over and enter. Good Luck! 

ps. The Imperfections of James and Kate is AVAILABLE NOW at DEADXSTOP.COM! 

Heartblog: The Blood Moon & Looking Up

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Apr 15, 2014

Fact: I usually only get about 5 hours of sleep a night. Last night though, I made Swoon set his alarm so we could go up to the roof and check out the blood moon. In a lunar eclipse, the full moon turns copper color and it passes through the earth's shadow. It was beautiful. I had never seen a lunar eclipse before, and of course it made me feel incredible inspired and incredibly small. I'm happy I got up to see it though. 

The amount of time we spend looking DOWN at our phones, DOWN at our ipads or DOWN at our feet, is unreal. I literally cannot remember the last time I looked up. There was something so special about looking around the neighbourhood and seeing other people on their roofs, or the streets. Standing together, offering a collective gasp about this life we live, it's nice to be in wonder sometimes. It's nice to feel a little humbled and small. We really are beyond lucky to be here and on earth and have this human expirence. 

Sometimes, I feel like such a failure. Like, I'm not enough, or doing enough or successful enough. I could work 23 or the 24 hours in the day and still not be accomplishing enough. It's a terrible feeling. I'm so hard on myself. I love that last night, just for a second, I got to stare up at the sky in wonderment, of what is really out there. 

I hope we can all remember, even when the blood moon isn't around to be in wonder of just how amazing it is that we are here and alive and existing in this magical universe. xx. 

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Heartblog: Cruelty Free + Living with Intention

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Apr 10, 2014


I’ve been thinking a ton about the word “intention.” I wake up really early each day, and my intention is always to live a good day. To be kind, helpful, healthy, loving, and do good work. My intention is so squash everything inside me that leads to feelings of jealousy, anger, or unhappiness. Better said than done most days, right?

One of my biggest intentions in this life, is to leave the world a little better than I found it. To give something back, and to hopefully inspire the next group of young dreamers to chase after their own dreams and do the same. I’ve been feeling deep in my gut though, that my life didn’t exactly mirror my beliefs. 

I became a vegetarian in grade 8. I remember the day I decided to stop eating meat, it was like a switch in my head that realized exact what would have to go on in the world for meat to end up in my mom’s crock pot, and I didn’t want any part of it. It was easy after that to say that I was passionate about animal rights, because I didn’t EAT animals. 

I’ve realized more and more over the past few years that the cruelty to animals goes far deeper than what is on my plate, and through my research have decided to set a very important goal for myself by 2015. 

By 2015, I will become a cruelty free human. In my heart and in my life. I aim to rid my home of any cleaners or products that come from companies that test on animals. I will rid my cosmetics and beauty products of any item that comes from a company that tests on animals. I will no long purchase leather goods. (I will allow myself to continue to wear the things I already own, or buy used materials second hand) But, I will not pay into the slaughter of innocent animals anymore. 

I believe so strongly in karma, and I’ve felt an unbalance in mind for quiet sometimes because of the way I live my life in a “half” conscious way. I want to be fully conscious about my affect on the planet and all it’s beings. I've done alot of research and I found out that one of the animals that get's tested on the most is beagle puppies. That breaks my heart. 

I have a tattoo on my wrist of a very famous buddhist mantra, Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ, OM which purifies bliss and pride Ma purifies jealousy and need for entertainment; Ni purifies passion and desire; Pad purifies ignorance and prejudice; Me purifies greed and possessiveness; Hum purifies aggression and hatred. Basically, it’s means to show peace and compassion to all beings. 

I’m very excited to live a life that reflects my most inner desires. 

So, now I need your help. What are your favorite brands and sites that can help me become 100% cruelty free?? Let me know your tips and help me by chatting with me on my twitter! 

Heartblog: The Cool Kids

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Mar 18, 2014

Needs to be said: young girls. I see you watching the cool kids. you know the ones with the cute clothes that their rich daddies bought, hanging out all night (because who needs to actually work a job when you don’t have to pay the rent on the house you throw those house parties at.) I see those cool kids with their impossibly perfect seflies, and magazine editorials and smoldering chicness. I see them too. Deep inside our hearts, we kinda wish we were the cool kids, right? 



Well, please stop chasing this life. I’ve never lived it and I can’t decide whether I write this from insane jealousy or thankfulness, but please be more than this. There has got to be more than being “cool” and having the “in” clothes and being invited to the cool parties. There is more then being “seen” because maybe you feel invisible, but the people who see you…probably matter a whole lot more. There is much more to life then being a bad friend and sleeping with all your friends and their friends. There is more than letting your way be paved by a famous dad or a lucky someone else. There is more than being “cool.” 



Go. Now. Make your own path. I promise that you might not get the most followers, or the most press, or the most buzz but a life full of hard work, a life filled with things you bought yourself with your hard earned money, and life full of friends who would never backstab you, a party full of people who know you the best and love you the most is so much better than all that other stuff. Being a complete nerd and being really excited about everything leads to a world where you got to be really excited about everything. Being excited about things rules. 


Don’t worry about being a cool kid, instead try to focus on being a nice kid. Be a good friend. Be a hard worker. Be a thoughtful lover. Be a good daughter. Be a good human. Focus on your dreams, and filling all your days with the best life you can. Don't worry about being cool, when you should be worrying about being magical, smart, successful, driven, loyal, trustworthy, focused, loved, loving, polite and all the other hundred things more important than being cool. 


hey, also....i love you.





ps. My new book "The Imperfections of James and Kate"  is OUT RIGHT NOW at DEADXSTOP.COM  please support me and go pick up a copy! xx



Keltie Knight Closet Tour!

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Mar 14, 2014

So you wanna see my shoe collection? Or hear the story of my "breakup chanel?" Well, I gotcha. My new friend Fiona, from Fiona TV came over to my house and we played inside my closet, and it was so fun. Check out the video below to see inside my special fashion station :) 

ps. which pair of shoes do you love from my collection? Let me know on my Twitter or Instagram

Heartblog: Do You Like Yourself?

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Mar 07, 2014

I've been expirencing a super weird week, and this super odd feeling and hyper self-awareness that comes with being on television. It's really hard to talk about because, th first thing everyone will say is...please shut up your job is the coolest...and yes of course, I love it. But, I think we ALL, more so women  pick on ourselves, on our physical flaws and point out and think about what we can change and manipulate because it is easier to control the outcome and the change is noticeable quicker.  It is the easier problem to solve than to have to seek, examine, resolve what is really ailing the soul.  It becomes habitual because our culture teaches this to us.  It's so bizarre to me that we live in a world where our own reflection becomes our enermy. 

My friend Sharon at work had some interesting advice: "I wanted to share with you that when I start feeling hyper-aware or feeling like I need to get super charged about the way I look, i know i am distracting myself from either my goal that isnt going as planned or going as quickly...or i am feeling out of control about another situation there is simply no control to have over ( i remind myself, which is most things in life... except how i choose to perceive) As soon as I start back onto my task or deal with the feeling, I don't feel so fat...or whatever negative feeling I have at that moment.  I am not saying I don't do it all anymore because I do--sometimes I catch my behavior quickly, sometimes slower..."

That's so true, have you ever noticed how after a long walk, a good visit with a friend or a great yoga class you feel really "pretty"? And when things are super stressful and terrible, our clothes don't fit and we hate our hair? It's a strange thing. It is stressful when one feels like they are somewhat at the mercy of others opinions.  It makes a person start to question themselves.  

Sharon also said this to me, which I will NEVER FORGET. "You are in a career spurt and you are also determined to make it happen.  There is so much hope, potential, and opportunity buzzing about and I am sure you are concerned about making the right and wrong moves.  Stay on target and keep on what YOU want...don't let these notions of feeling like you are less confident for whatever the reason get to you.  Surrendering one's security is part of growth and change.  Don't confuse the unsettling feeling of growth for de-evolving into a less confident person."

I'm sure that in this new year, all of you have been working hard on new goals and living as greatly as possible. I guess I just wrote this to see if anyone else ever feels this way? Sometimes I hate myself so much that I can barely get out of bed, I isolate myself from my friends and loved ones and I try to hide out until the feeling passes. You? 

Let me know on my twitter or instagram. And do not forget that my brand new book "The Imperfections of James and Kate" is now available HERE. (If you really want to know about's a great read.) 

Love and Other Stuff

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Feb 19, 2014



This morning I was interviewing Chris Harrison about love. Seems this guy would know the most about love...20 seasons of The Bachelor would make you an expert, right? 


I got thinking about our search for love, and how we do the craziest things for acceptable and companionship. All around us, dating sites, tv shows, set ups...for one sole fall in love. However, so many of these things have such a negative stigma. I’ve online dated, my friend is online dating and so are millions of other people...and’s embarrassing to admit that you are on, right? It’s okay to be set up by a friend, but not by an online compatibility test. Serious double standard. 


Look at the TV shows...sure The Bachelor fails more than it succeeds, but it has worked out. People have fallen in love, even gotten married. It works for some people. 


Before I was married, I met people online, over social events, at concerts...and for me...none of them turned out to be the one...but eventually AT WORK I met my person. 


I guess, I just wanted to give a big dose of “you’ll get there” to you guys today. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid of your path to love. It’s different for everyone. We shouldn’t belittle others, or judge them if there path is meeting someone off a tweetchat about “scandal” or if it’s skydiving out of a plane. Love really is one of the greatest mysteries of our lives...and that’s what makes it so elusive and powerful. 


Just keep going and know that the universe is seriously unfolding as it should. Like the song says "You Can't Hurry Love" and it's true. But I really believe that you should put yourself out there as much as possible. Love will come. I promise. 




"The Imperfections of James and Kate" is released!

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Feb 14, 2014

GUYS! I am so excited because my new book- 'The Imperfections of James and Kate" is now out! You can purchase it at --and I am just soooooo proud! 

I wanted to share a special snippet of the book with you. I hope you love James and Kate as much as I do. I worked so hard on this book for the last 2 years...and I am beyond proud. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

"It’s really the way love works. We all fall into this magical perfect version of love with the other person, and then our minds become giant ice picks, chipping away every day, little by little, at the rock solid perfection we were so sure about. I was never surprised to see the magazine covers at the grocery store show the latest celebrity couple break up after their “whirlwind” romance and wedding, because you can’t know someone wholly in six weeks. It was always more surprising when I heard about long-term friends of the family calling it quits on their marriages, after years and years together. I guess after 30 years of chipping away at any person, you eventually come across something you can’t stand and would rather live without. I was torn because I wanted to be the most perfect version of myself for James when I saw him, and at the same time, I wanted to be the ugliest version too. I was so over love that I wanted to see if our dirty pieces matched. I couldn’t stand the thought of another “perfect” love turning sour. I knew it was too early to call it love. I knew myself well enough to know that it should have been labeled “desperate infatuation.” 


Keltie Knight's New Book Release!! #jamesloveskate

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Feb 12, 2014

My new book "The Imperfections of James and Kate" comes out on on friday- Valentine's Day! It's a love story, about two people, and their group of crazy friends and crazier dreams, who fall into eachother's lives and into a tangled, messy, emotionally crazy relationship (sound familiar?) 

These characters are so real to us. The cool thing is the the book is actually a "he said, she said" where I wrote one chapter as "Kate" and then my writing partner Chris wrote one chapter as "James." It really gives you an authentic look at the inside of both male and females minds in a relationship. That's what I love the most. We've all been in bad relationships, we've all been in good loves that turn bad, we've been in bad loves that turn good, we've had crazy friends save us, and people leave us, and we've had our heart broken so badly that we become numb. That is what this book is about. It's about the human condition and how we love. 

We started this book about a year and half ago as an experiment to see if we could write a book without knowing the plot. We knew we wanted to make something that neither of us had any idea where it was going, much like it is in a real relationship. I would write a chapter, and throw a giant curveball in Kate's character, and then Chris would have to learn and try to understand what Kate was doing, and write the reaction to that character and move the story forward. It felt the same as a real relationship, we jumped in head first not sure if it would be a happy ending. To me this book feels very real, even though the story is made-up, I see so much of myself in Kate, and I've certainly had my share of James's in my life. 

I hope that this book touches you the same way my first book, Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom did. it's full of quotable magic just like RRR, and it's def a book people can relate too. Our editor wrote me late one night during that process about how much she loved them and wanted them both to be happy. 

I wanted to share one of my favorite passages from the book:

There were so many questions I wanted to ask, but I stopped myself. I was a typical, messed up desperate woman. I didn’t care where he was anymore. He was here. He looked for me. I talked myself out of the fact that he might have looked for me after a late night with someone else, and I trusted him because I was an idiot and I loved to trust people when they did nothing to deserve my trust. I wanted to ask him what happened, where he went, why he ditched me, which version of him was the real him, but I just stood there. Sometimes it’s better not to ask.

In honor of the book coming out Chris and I are doing a massive Valentine's day tinychat with all of you, we are going to talk about the book, and answer questions and read our favorite parts- we hope you will join us! 

The Imperfections of James and Kate will be available on on 2/14/2014- and we have special gifts for the first people who buy! PLUS, I'll be doing giveaways on my socials all week so follow along! xx

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Heartblog: Honest Life Advice

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Feb 04, 2014

honest life advice: part one


  • look around you. if anyone in your inner circle is still doing drugs and pretending they are “cool” and not for good reasons like getting on an airplane or to cure their cancer then get them outta your life



  • when your friends ask you to go somewhere that involves you putting your face in the sun and getting freckles, what they are really asking you to do is to get AGE SPOTS and look older than them. sunscreen guys. always.


  • when a dude you barely know asks you to send nude photos to them on snapchat, just remember SCREENGRAB. see also: when you get famous everyone will see you naked, so don’t.


  • don’t cut your own bangs. don’t do it. even if you are really crafty.


  • whenever you want to buy something and you don’t have the money for it, remember -18% interest on shoes from ALDO that are probably worth .12 in china where they were made. not worth it. 


  • if you cannot afford a chanel jacket just buy a chanel pin and wear it on the jacket (miley cyrus told me this and I trust miley cyrus) 


  • you gotta look close to see if you have a mustache, and chances are you do so make sure to take care of that ladies! 


  • it’s always better to say nothing then always be talking and saying lame stuff. save all your words until something really epic comes out.


  • the world isn’t fair so stop using that as excuse as to why you are so upset. WHYYY MEEEEEEEE? 


  • when you think you are working hard at something, work about 75% harder and then that will be almost good enough.


  • please stop making Instagram accounts for your dog and then speaking in your dog’s voice. this is why you are single. just talk in your dogs voice on your own instagram page and OWN that crazy, girl! 


  • if you auto link your instagram and your twitter to your facebook page but also link your instagram to your twitter, everyone is seeing the picture of you that no one really cared about to begin with TWICE, this is why you have 6 followers. Don’t be lazy. Post it all for real. 


  • when you say you have a blog but the only person who reads your blog is you and your mom, you don’t have a blog you have a mom. not everyone needs to have a blog. except me, and lauren conrad.


  • the dollar store is heaven, and never be too embarrassed to go in there. use all those dollars you save on toilet paper, envelopes, dish soap and wrapping paper to buy some fierce shoes. (and then WEAR those firece shoes to the dollar store!) 


  • if you are seriously waiting the “appropriate” time before texting someone back, UGH WHY?????? life is confusing enough without this stupid game of text back times! Just text back, or better yet, just be so busy that you are not on your damn phone every 5 seconds.


  • never be embarrassed of your selfies. only be embarrassed of the fact that gwen stefani also does selfies and she’s hotter AND cooler than you. 


just a few things to keep you on track this month, more in march!  


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