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Album Equation: The Kooks 'Junk Of The Heart'

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Sep 13, 2011

My favorite band THE KOOKS have birthed a new record + that new records birthday is TODAY! The record is called "Junk Of The Heart" and I would like to give you my review of the record. 

SYTYCD All-Star Courtney Galiano Confirms Starring on GLEE!

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 31, 2011

I remember once little Courtney Galiano standing in the dressing room when we both danced for the New York Knicks, and saying to me, "How do you get an agent? I want one!" Oh how the world has changed. I've watched little Courtney not only get an agent, but become a dancing mega-star, and now with a rumored new re-occuring role on Glee (thanks twitter) she has taken destiny in her own hands by starting The Beat Dance a new convention for dancers! Does this girl ever sleep?

KC: Why did you decide to move to LA? How long have you been here?

CG: I decided to move after SYTYCD. I wasn't going to at first, I was nervous to make that move especially with my family being so far away, but at the LA show on tour Adam Shankman said "Listen's either you want broadway or film and television!" and i knew i wanted film and TV so i decided to make the move! I moved in with Katee Shean, Comfort Fedoke and Chelsie Hightower so that made the move much smoother too! I have now been out in LA since January 5th 2009.

KC: What was the first thing that you did once you moved here?

CG:First thing I did once I moved here was take class at The Edge and I'll never forget my first audition out in LA it was for Fresh Beat Band on Nickelodeon, it was a zoo!

KC:What are some of your career highlights?

CG: I have gotten the chance to work with some pretty awesome people! I have danced in Disney's Shake it up, Hannah Montana and danced in the movie Camp Rock 2. On Nickelodeon, I have danced in Big Time Rush and Fresh Beat Band. I recently just finished The Glee Live Tour and Rock of Ages which comes out in theaters next year.

KC: Do you think SYTYCD was the turning point that changed your career?

CG: For me, I do believe SYTYCD was the turning point for a lot of things not just my career. It was the craziest journey I have ever experienced. I definitely grew as person and as a dancer. I have never danced like that in my entire life and I got to work with the top choreographers in the industry which really helped. You are forced to work with them and they are forced to work with you, you get the chance to get personal and they get the chance to know you not only as a dancer but as a person, which 9 out of 10 times is the reason you'd get the job in the first place.

KC: What was it like to come back as an All-Star?

CG: Being an all-star was great. I really enjoyed getting to know, love and dance with the contestants. We quickly became a family and it felt good to support them and tell them we understand the journey they're on and what they are going through.

KC: What is it like backstage on the set of Glee?

CG: Backstage at Glee is amazing! The cast is just as awesome off the screen as they are on the screen. Everyone gels really well and its just a really fun environment from the actors, to the dancers, to the producers to the crew guys, the whole camp is really wonderful.

KC: What was the Glee tour like?

CG: Tour was surreal! Performing at the O2 in London was INSANE. 7 sold out shows! We were one big family. The cast treated us like we were one of them. As far as the dancers, we were such a tight knit group, all different in the most amazing way. Most tours just appeal to a certain demographic, or displays a certain kind of specific vibe...this show was extremely versatile and appealing to all kinds! I loved traveling all over the country and London, Canada and Ireland! We definitely were exhausted but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had with some of the best people I know...and forget seeing yourself in 3D! That was just crazy!

KC: What inspires you to keep going?

CG: May sound cheesy but the love for dance. I am so far away from home, schedule is never the same, work is never consistent but I wouldn't have it any other way because I wake up and love what i do. I also have a lot of support from my family, they're awesome.

KC: You seem to have it all, but I am sure it hasn't all be easy, have you ever wanted to give up, or faced a giant rejection?

CG: I definitely am thankful for what I do have. This industry involves A LOT of rejection and I definitely have looked in the mirror and asked myself what in God's name am I doing out here...but I snap myself out of it and think if you just remain who you truly are at heart and keep a tough skin you'll do just fine.

KC: What is the BEAT?

CG: The BEAT is a dance convention I started! I am SO excited about it. Dance professionals who have inspired me are uniting with THE BEAT to work with dancers young and old who share our passion. I grew up in a studio where my teachers made us feel like we were home and that is exactly what I want to create. We're going to three different cities this year...New York, January 20-22, Orlando, FL February 17-19 and Dallas, TX March 16-18, each held at the Hyatt. Check out the website! for more!

KC: Why did you want to start it?

CG: I started the BEAT to share. Dance has been part of my life forever and I wanted to bring the people that have inspired me on board to share. I have an incredible line-up of teachers excited to teach at the BEAT like Stephen tWitch Boss, Allison Holker, Laura Edwards, Ade Obayami, William Wingfield and Monique Borromeo; whose resumes include things like SYTYCD, Step up 3D, Britney Spears Tour, Glee Tour, performances with artists like Rihanna, Beyonce and more!

KC: What makes it different than the 100 other dance workshops?

CG: I can guarantee that a weekend at THE BEAT will be filled with classes that include love and gratitude for dance. the BEAT will be giving out scholarships to the Hollywood Summer Tour which is a dance career intensive that takes place in the summer and includes things like a dance agency showcase, SYTYCD taping, classes at LA's best studios, experience on a professional set and more. We also will be giving away scholarships to the next season of the BEAT, there will be contests and prizes and a Luau after classes on Saturday, along with a complimentary pilates or yoga class for the parents. There is also a free observation fee for anyone who accompanies a child! the BEAT has also teamed up with The Dancer's Care Foundation, a charity which raises money to go towards research for the cure for cancer. We will be selling products with cliche' cosmetics and 100% of proceeds will go towards the cure.

KC: Did you read the NY times article about the NY dancers basically saying that the SYTYCD dancers would never hold up in NYC? You've been both- so what is your take on it?

CG: I think the person that was quoted in that article is pretty ignorant. It all depends on the type of dancer they're speaking of, if they're talking about someone who works more in film and tv then no, they aren't going to work in NY as much because there isn't that kind of opportunity in NY as there is in LA. Someone who is more Broadway based or technically trained would do fantastic in NY because those are the kind of work opportunities that present itself. The kind of work ethic it takes to be apart of SYTYCD they do not show on television, they show the routine and the hour they get to film in rehearsal....not the hours upon hours we rehearse when the cameras are off. I'm from NY, I know what it takes. Bottom line, in this industry you need to be a hustler whether you're in NY or LA and if I recall, the SYTYCD tour sold out Radio City Music Hall last year....I say SYTYCD is holding up in NY just fine.

KC: I heard you are doing some acting now. Tell us about it?

CG: It's not good enough to be great in one thing anymore, you have to be trained in other things so I have been taking acting class. I love it!

KC: There has been rumors on twitter that you have recently landed a reoccurring role on Glee, is it true?

CG: It is true, I got a small speaking role on Glee! I don't think I'm allowed to say what exactly it is but I can tell you I am excited about it!

KC: What is your favorite glam product you use?

CG: You're going to laugh but my favorite "glam product" if you even want to call it aquaphor! $4.99! With all the traveling, I always try and stay moisturized, I use aquaphor on my body, under my eyes and on my lips!

KC: What is you favorite band?

CG: My favorite band is The Script. I love them! When I was on the Glee tour, they were touring at the same time and I kept missing there performances by one week! The lyrics to all of their songs are awesome.

KC: Who is one artist you haven't worked with yet, that you want to?

CG: I'd love to dance for Rihanna or Beyonce they're incredible and their music is incredible but they are so tall! Usually artists who are tall don't hire small dancers...and I'm 5'1...but hey! good things come in small packages right!?

You can check out Courntey's new convention at 

Fashion Inspiration: Peppermint

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 25, 2011

When I saw the Orbit peppermint gum packaging it reminded me instantly of this great tee shirt I have from Chelsie Hightower's line for Sugar and Bruno. It says breakdance not hearts- love that! I love all the blue and purple and thought my little white glasses would go perfectly with my gum. :)

Grab a specially marked pack of Orbit® and enter to win Orbit Bucks toward your favorite back-to-school gear! Click here to play and earn free downloads. Click here for the Official Rules


Thank you to ROCK CANDY for taking these cute pictures for me! 

Founder of Cliche Magazine Jeremy Fall on Christina Perri and Why 'Print is Dead'

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 23, 2011

Jeremy Fall is the creator behind Cliche Magazine; a fashion forward, music loving and pop culture online magazine. I have heard nothing but amazing things about what this man has going on in his life. I got the chance to tap into Jeremy's mind and ask about his opinion on why print is dead, what it was like to interview my BFF Christina Perri and explained what's next for the magazine.

Keltie Colleen: What made you wanna start the magazine?
Jeremy Fall: I was always interested in the web and the evolution of the digital world, which led me to realizing that it was much more efficient to publish news through the Internet. When I used to produce events, I had discovered that Facebook and MySpace (back in the day) promotion was the most efficient tool there was. There weren't any online magazines when I started and I thought it'd be cool to have a cool publication with amazing photography, that could be consumed by people anywhere in the world.

KC: What exactly is Cliche Magazine?
JF: Cliché Magazine is a publication about fashion, music, art, entertainment and social media. I know that probably sounds extremely "cliche" (pun definitely intended), but what sets us apart is that we are 100% digital and our content solely lives on the web. Cliché is formed of a magazine, blog and TV section, and I recently relaunched a new interface for the magazine portion that allows us to embed video, audio, animation and linking directly into the pages. So, you could essentially be reading an article about Jessie J while playing her music in the background, or read about the most recent Marc Jacobs show, then actually visualize it by clicking on the video. All of this in a "print look-alike" virtual flipping issue format.

KC: Who has been your favorite feature?
JF: I honestly have no idea, and I'm not just saying that not to upset anyone. My first feature ever was with Dita Von Teese which was amazing, and I'm extremely lucky to always have opportunities with some of the most talented people in the world. However, my favorite people to interact with are musicians because I've had a passion for music all my life and love to connect with other people who can express the way they see and feel music, if that makes sense.

KC: This month you have my bestie Christina Perri on the cover-what was it like interviewing her?
JF: Yes, I had Christina on the cover of my relaunch June/July 2011 issue. Her interview was actually one of my favorite ones because we actually got invited to go to her house and filmed footage there. That's an extremely rare opportunity and it really allowed us to understand her more and make the interview a lot more genuine and personal. On top of that, she has one of the sickest houses I've ever seen. Now I'm being interviewed by her best friend, it's a small world!

KC: What are your plans for the future?
JF: I have a ridiculous amount of plans for the future. I don't say that at all in a douchey way, I'm just the type of person that'll get ridiculous and close to impossible ideas everyday, and then filter through what I can actually execute. As of right now, I plan to take Cliché to an even bigger level and developing the brand more. One of my biggest plans right now is a creative agency I'm creating that does digital branding and marketing for artists and brands. The concept is to come up with creative ideas to organically develop an online presence for clients and helping blow up their talent and projects. It's been going amazingly so far and I plan to make it grow a lot more.

KC: If you were to give someone advice that is thinking of following their own dream what would it be?
JF: I'd simply just tell them to fight for it and never to stop. A dream will come true when you never expect it to, and once you get to that point, all the pain and effort doesn't seem like that big of a deal anymore.

KC: What is one thing in fashion that you love right now!
JF: I love the Valou 3-cap ring I always wear on my left hand. Everyone always asks me where I got it and how it works, because it's a very original and innovative concept. You can look at them here

KC: What is one band in music that we've never heard of that we should know about?
JF: I've recently discovered a musician named Robby Blackwell who I know is definitely going to blow up. The reason being that he integrates a great online presence in both communication and a creative aspect. He's very much into fashion, art and design too so it's always refreshing to see someone who's interested in different forms of art, as opposed to just music.

KC: What is upcoming in the magazine that you are really excited about?
JF: The September Issue we are just about to wrap up is going to be really cool. The photography editorials might be some of my favorite that we've ever done. They're very different than what we've done in the past for our September issue, but only in a good way. I'm extremely excited to release it and can't wait to see the feedback from everyone!

KC: How would you describe your personla style?
JF: My girlfriend says that I'm "edgy-indie", and I trust her opinion very much. If that's hard to visualize, just picture leather jackets, boots, flannels, and pants so tight that you'd think I'd suffocate.

KC: Why do you think print is dead?
JF: I've definitely had this argument more than once. I think that print is dead solely because of how much the web and technology have taken over how we consume information. We don't write letters we e-mail, we don't write notes in class we text (for the high school kids), we read the news online, we stalk people online, order food through the internet, communicate through social networks. We essentially do everything online nowadays and in connection to magazines, most people will read article on blogs, which is making it hard for print publications to continue paying thousands of dollars monthly. The overhead to run an online publication is close to nothing in comparison to one that is printed. On top of that, publishing online is instant and can travel across the world within a split second and it doesn't destroy thousands of trees. I'm not saying that there aren't any downfalls of the Internet being such an open forum because people abuse the fact that everyone has a voice nowadays; however the way media is consumed and the way technology has shaped itself over the past five years proves my point that it is taking over. I think print magazines will become more of expensive collector items and everyday media will be consumed online.

KC: Who is your favorite photographer?
JF: My favorite photographer is actually one of my best friends, Dirk Mai. I'm not saying that to plug and promote him because he's my friend, I sincerely believe that he's one of the most talented photographers in our market today. A lot of artists today rely on photoshop and heavy editing to add effects and enhance the appeal of their work, and it's refreshing to see someone who can make a photo close to perfect with minor edits. It's honestly about capturing the right moment of the subject's life and he executes it perfectly.

You can find Jeremy here on Buzznet!


Keltie Colleen's Review of The Cab's 'Symphony Soldier'

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 22, 2011

I got an advanced copy of The Cab’s new record (which is being released tomorrow) mainly because my swoon is their manager and they are my friends. I’ve read some of the other reviews of the record that are all fancy and technical. But, I thought I would go through the record track by track and tell you what I think, from the eye’s of a fan. I am excited to know if anyone  agrees with me, I guess I will find out in less than 24 hours! 

Angel With A Shotgun- When I first heard the demo of this song, I thought that this song was dumb. Shotguns make me think of dudes shooting squirrels on the forest in Canada where I grew up. But, the more I played it the more it got stuck in my head and one day I found myself singing it in the shower. Well played shotgun song.

Temporary Bliss- Although it is hard to believe that there is a dude in the world who doesn’t enjoy one night stands, this is one of my favorite songs on the record. Reminds me of old school Maroon 5. When Alex growls into the first “I come over” it is very apparent that this song is going to be pure sex rock. My favorite.

Bad- What can I say. The moment I heard this song I knew that this would be single that "broke" The Cab. It sounds so different than the rest of the techno-auto-tuned junk that a large majority of the radio plays, and has me singing “I want a bad girl baby yeah” randomly throughout the day. I think this song perfectly showcases Alex’s voice. I am thrilled that this song is already in the top 50 on radio! Having The Cab & Christina Perri take over the radio with songs that are totally original and fresh in one year is pretty amazing.

Endlessly- One night in Malibu Swoon took me out to dinner and on the way home driving beside the ocean with the windows down played me the demo of Endlessly. I cried my eyes out when I heard it.  I know I am not alone that this song makes me simultaneously fall in love with love and reminds me of Bruno mars, I guess thats because he co-wrote it. Either way, I am pretty sure many couples will soon call this song “theirs” and perhaps Debby Ryan, who I am convinced was the inspiration for said song will fall in love with Alex. Debby Deleon has a nice ring right?

Animal- Personally I hate when people refer to themselves as an “animal” makes me think about the muppets. Do I like this song? Sure, do I like the thought of Alex who is basically my kid brother growling and pawing at girls, not so much.

Another Me- Good luck finding another me. I feel like this is the sister song to “Since You've Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. The giant, “I am still totally in love with you but I am going to pretend that my heart is not in pieces on the floor, and act cool, calm and collected and talk about how I deserve the stars and that you will never find someone like me ever again and how RELIEVED I am that we broke up, when really I am a heartbroken disaster.” song. I like this song. I am this song.

Intoxicated- I don’t know whether to make out or take a shot, but in any case, this is one of the best songs on the record.

La La- Another favorite song. When I listen this song I am like a proud mama. It shows the amazing talent of Alex + Alex as a vocal + writing team. This is pop perfected. I love when bands give me bad news while singing pretty melodies. la la la la I’m lying. Skip, skip, skip. I’m cheating on you. La la la don’t trust me. hee hee. You are a fool! weeeeeee!!!

Lovesick Fool- This is the best song on this record. Even better live. I can’t say enough about this song. It’s perfect. It’s classic. I could put it on a mix cd with all my favorite songs and listen to it on repeat. Best lyric on the record “When I said I wish you the best- I was lying” Been there. Done that.

Grow Up and Be Kids- I don’t like this song. I don’t get it. Why would I want to grow up and be a kid. When I was a kid I had acne and a 1986 mazda protege. Life wasn’t really that good. I’d rather grow up and be Giselle. Just sayin’

Living Louder- The surprise of the record. You listen to this song and you think, this is cheesy and the all of a sudden you get really excited to be alive and start running around your house fist pumping and doing push-ups. I go to a place in my mind where I see montages of finishing marathons, curing cancer and walking on the moon. This song makes me feel lucky to be alive. Very inspiring. I wasn’t expecting this. Nice one boys, nice one.

Love Is My Religion- This is a good song. This is an even better tank top. I’m not saying I am wearing their merch right now, but I might be wearing their merch right now.

Basically, The music business works like this, a label will listen to the radio and see what is making them money, then they will try to replicate it over and over again. If I had a penny for all the times I have heard “We need another Bruno Mars” “We need the next Katy Perry” in my life I would have 5 bucks. Sometimes, some freak musical accident will happen (for instance Christina and "Jar of hearts” and then someone in the music business will run around saying “We need the next Christina Perri.”) We all have to remember that it’s the music business and business men are in it to make money and artists are in it to make art. I think what The Cab did was incredibly brave, and maybe one day someone will tell the whole story. If you guys only knew what it takes to leave a label and make a record on your own. I’ve seen it first hand because I am pretty sure swoon hasn’t slept in 4 months. Combined with an amazing support team, their awesome families and a few people who still really believed in them they have released a record on their own that is gaining heat everyday. I can’t imagine what the people who gave up on them feel like when they look at the charts and itunes and see that big BAD name on the list. It makes me so proud. I love an underdog.

Overall, I think The Cab got it right, They stayed true to what they do best and for ONCE were not trying to please a million people who were trying to fit them in a mold. They made a record that sounds like THEM. A band with a pop singer who simultaneously loves Rock N Roll but secretly wants to be Justin Timberlake. A band who listens to Maroon 5 and parties with the Warped Tour crowd but secretly has a Justin Beiber crush. You will love this record, and I am convinced that all the people who were not CAB fans prior to this, will soon be singing their prasies.

Are you guys excited for SS?

WINNERS: Countdown to Teen Choice Awards: Swag Bag GIVEAWAY!

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 12, 2011 Originally by keltiecolleen

I had such a great time at the Teen Choice awards!

Congrats to the following winners!

ENTER  the Justin Beiber SOMEDAY contest I have going on RIGHT NOW!

Reblogged from Keltie Colleen

Hey guys! I'm so excited for the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. It's the biggest red carpet I've ever been on!  I have some tricks up my interview sleeves but I still need your help! Being the sweet girl I am- I would never ask for help without giving something in return! I am giving away 5 Teen Choice swag bags to my helpers!

Simply, help me out and comment below with what questions I should ask Selena, Beiber, Emma and those Gossip Girl babes! Nothing is off limits! I will ask them anything! Contest ends Sunday August 7th!

Also if you can't catch the Awards on TV, be sure to log-in to the Teen Choice livestream.You can catch all of your faves BEFORE they hit the stage: Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher, Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner and Zooey Deschanel are just a few of the stars we’ll be chatting up. Then the live stream continues backstage during the awards show.

Teen Choice Red Carpet and Backstage Live, Sunday August 7th, 6:30 EST/3:30 PST


This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to reinventliz, jucampy, cperrifan, jellypop12, and missbrittany for winning! 

SYTYCD Winner Melanie Moore Reveals What She'll Do With $250,000 Prize

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 12, 2011

It was bittersweet last night, because another great season of SYTYCD has come to an end. It was amazing to see my season long favorite and super deserving dancer Melanie Moore win it! Guest judges Robin Antin, Lil C and Tyce Diorio did a wonderful job and I loved watching all my season long favorite routines one last time!

Check out the video below where Lil C reveals kisses with Nigel, Mary Murphy tells us why she thinks Melanie won, Robin Antin shakes her booty, Cat Deeley hints at Emmy date, and best of all -- Melanie reveals what the heck she's going to do with $250,000.00!!

I hope that everyone will go check out the tour that kicks off September 17th in Orlando, FL. Right after the show I ran to the Troubadour to see Christina Perri play the final show of her first headlining tour. I will post a gallery tomorrow of all those pictures! I ran into SYTYCD choreographer Stacey Tookey who has skipped the SYTYCD wrap party to come see Christina play! So sweet!

If you won $250,000, what is the first thing you would do with the money?

Music Video Of The Day: The Kooks

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 10, 2011

Can you imagine what would happen if we were just sitting around drinking tea and then The Kooks walked by singing!? I would most likely pee my pants and try to snip a lock of hair off them all.

What is your music video of the day?!

FEARS vs. DREAMS: What Are Yours?

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 09, 2011

TWLOHA recently posted a video of their Fears vs. Dreams Road Trip and all around me people have been posting their fears and dreams for everyone to see. I am one of the biggest sharers around, I will tell anyone almost anything about myself. I wrote a book, I write blogs, I tweet almost annoyingly about all the details of my life. Honestly, sharing my fears and dreams was a little daunting because I didn't want to lie. I could make up a hundred things I am scared of and a hundred things I wish I could have but they wouldn't be THE FEAR and THE DREAM.

Today, I found out that TWLOHA had sold out of all of their copies of Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom. Those were the last few books that existed in paperback. They decided to give away the last 5 autographed copies via twitter earlier, and I figured that this meant that I was meant to tell everyone my fears and dreams today.

So, here it goes:

FEAR: That body dysmorphia and depression will always be in my life, and I will never actually love myself fully, each and everyday

DREAM: That the internet becomes a safe place to share love and experiences. A place that enriches our global culture and lives without the constant backlash and hurtful nature of anonymous cruelty.

Enjoy the video and congrats to everyone at TWLOHA for being so strong and inspiring!

Fears vs Dreams Road Trip. from To Write Love on Her Arms. on Vimeo.

Teen Choice Red Carpet: Lucy Hale and More Tell Us What They're Wearing

Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Aug 08, 2011

Everyone knows about the glamorous red carpet at awards show, but the Teen Choice Awards last night was all about the BLUE carpet!

Audrey Kitching, Kat Graham, Stefanie Scott, Lucy Hale, All Star Weekend and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic had the blues strutting down the carpet - but they definitely weren't sad! They showed off their outfits and also answered the question, "It's a good life because... ?" 

Catch more of of our Blue Carpet coverage at the 2011 TCAs:

Audrey Kitching's Best & Worst Dressed at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Rachel Bilson On Bieber Scent: ‘Eww... Butt’

Tyra Banks, All Star Weekend & More Reveal Their Teenage Dreams

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